What is the Truth Behind These Common Electrical Myths? 

May 6, 2022 | Dayton, Electrical, Maintenance, Ohio, Repair, Residential Electric | 0 comments

To keep your house safe for you and your family, you must educate yourself about your home’s electrical system. Many homeowners are unaware of their electrical system, how it works, or what they should be doing to keep their home and their family safe. Fortunately, our Five Star Columbus Electrical electricians have debunked a few of the popular electrical myths so that we can understand the reality behind them.

Is It Possible To Save Energy By Turning Off Electrical Devices?

Picture this: you’re going on a two-week vacation with your family. But before departing, you made sure everything in your house was turned off, including your television and coffee maker. However, when you returned home from your trip, your power bill included charges for times when gone. Despite the fact that you took every precaution to ensure that nothing in your home was switched on while you were away, how does this happen? Well, when you switch off any electrical device, such as televisions, cable or streaming boxes, and PCs, they continue to consume energy even when they are in their “off” position. To ensure these electrical devices won’t consume energy while you’re away or on vacation, the best thing to do is to unplug them. This will help keep your power bills down since they won’t be able to utilize any electricity without a direct connection.

Is It True That Turning Off & On Lights Consumes More Energy Than Leaving Them On All the Time?

When it comes to fluorescent tube lights, many people believe this is due to the amount of energy they consume when switched on. However, when it comes to modern LED or CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs, they take less energy to start up and will be too small to influence your monthly power expense. As a result, utilizing either of these light bulbs will save you more energy over time by shutting them “off” than leaving them “on.”

Is It Possible for Household Currents to Kill You?

Because of the risk and liability on the normal person, homeowners are frequently led to believe that the current flowing through their house’s walls is not hazardous. However, this is incorrect! In fact, most homes across North America have very high voltages running through them and if any of these connections are left exposed, fatal injuries may occur.

Is It Safe to Touch Live Wires To Rubber Handles?

Another widespread electrical misconception that homeowners are unaware of is that using tools with insulated rubber handles to contact live wires is safe. That, unfortunately, isn’t the case! In reality, this can be quite risky. For your overall safety turn off the circuit whenever you work on any component of your electrical system.

It’s critical to understand the differences between what you should and shouldn’t do with your home’s electrical system in order to safeguard you, your home, and you’re family. Remember, there are no shortcuts. Did any of these myths shock you? Do you have any questions regarding your home’s electrical system? If so, the crew at Five Star Columbus Electrical is here to assist with whatever you need. Call us today at (614) 398-2988, or schedule an online appointment now by clicking here!