What DIY Electrical Repairs Should Homeowners Avoid?

Apr 21, 2022 | Dayton, DIY, Electrical, Electrical Repairs, Installation, Maintenance, Ohio, Residential Electric, Tips & Tricks | 0 comments

As talented as humans are, nobody is great at everything, especially when it comes to DIY electrical repairs. Electrical work takes many years of training to master the craft of installations, repairs, and replacements. As a result, even the most straightforward DIY task, if done wrong, could leave you needing more help from the professionals than you initially needed. For this purpose, our technicians at Five Star Electrical Group have put together a list of DIY electrical repairs homeowners should avoid at all costs.

What’s the Harm of DIY Wiring Upgrades?

As easy as it sounds, wiring upgrades can be a dangerous DIY project for homeowners. DIY wiring upgrades can have serious consequences, including fire damage and a failed home inspection when looking to put your home on the market. Our advice is to constantly refer back to your local licensed electrician to replace or upgrade the electrical wiring in your home.

What’s Wrong With DIY Electrical Panel Work?

As important as it may seem to keep up with the newest technology in your home, be mindful of having a qualified electrician complete the electrical panel work. The electrical panel in your home is designed to stop electricity from overloading and damaging the wiring in the residence. When you contribute more technology to the household, it may overwhelm your electrical panel, causing it to trip the circuit breaker or be a fire hazard. Knowing whether your home requires a repair or a replacement for your electrical panel can be difficult for any DIYer; that is why you should always let the professionals handle the job.

Why Are Circuit Installations and Updates Dangerous?

If you find that you do not have enough available plugs around your home, it may be time for some additions to accommodate your electrical needs. If you’re stressing out the current plugs in your home with having too many electrical devices plugged in at once, it could cause the breaker to trip repeatedly, which could be dangerous and costly.

Why Can’t I Install a Ceiling or Exhaust Fan by Myself?

It is dangerous for any DIYer, even if it is as simple as installing a ceiling or exhaust fan for electrical wiring in homes. Suppose a ceiling or exhaust fan is installed not by a qualified electrician. There is potential for strange noises if the ceiling and fan have a gap between the two, mold growth around an improperly installed exhaust fan, or it may even become hazardous to your home’s safety.

Why Is a DIY Electrical Service Upgrade Not an Option?

If you don’t feel that your home is receiving enough electrical service, getting an Electrical Service Upgrade would benefit your household. Upgrading the Electrical Services in your home addresses the power demands your family has and reduces or eliminates tripping circuit breaks and flickering lights. However, if a homeowner decides to take on this big project on their own, your home could be at risk. Therefore, it is always best to contact your local electrician for the correct assistance and installation. 

All of these factors considered DIY electrical improvements are best left to licensed and qualified electricians. Although home improvement can be difficult and expensive to manage, it’s better to get the job right the first time than deal with the inevitable issues that come with electrical DIY projects. So don’t risk your safety when you can rely on the Five Star Electrical Group professionals to handle all of your electrical projects at budget-friendly prices. Contact us today at (844) 397-4664, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!