What are the Most Common Residential Electrical Issues? 

Jul 14, 2022 | Columbus, Electric Bills, Electrical, Electrical Repairs, Ohio, Residential Electric, Tips & Tricks

Many individuals across the country have electrical problems and either don’t know about them or ignore them because they believe it’s normal. Unfortunately, this isn’t a usual occurrence. Our expert electricians at Five Star Columbus Electrical educate you on some of the most common electrical issues as well as how we may assist you below. 

Is Your Home’s Circuit Breaker Tripping or Overloaded?  

Are you having power outages or scattered power losses in your home? You may have a tripping circuit breaker if you’re constantly losing power. When too much electricity flows through a circuit, it can cause the circuit to trip. This can be quite hazardous; therefore, the first step is to begin troubleshooting by checking when your circuit breaker activates. If your circuit breaker trips when you start a device like an HVAC system, you might need to either unplug some devices or replace the circuit breaker in your house. 

Are Plugs Falling Out of Your Wall Outlets Around Your Home?  

In older homes, outlets frequently fall out of the wall. Inside outlets include contacts that keep it in the wall and secure when something is plugged in. The contacts on your switches may be failing or damaged if your plugs are constantly falling out of outlets. If you do not repair these plugs right away, they can arc and cause an electrical fire by igniting nearby wood or dust. The solution to this issue is quite easy; all you have to do now is confirm the problem, order, and replace the defective outlet. This is a simple job that can be completed for little or no cost. 

Have You Been Experiencing Higher Than Usual Electric Bills?  

If your monthly electric bill is higher than usual, it might be a minor issue or a major problem. There could be two factors at work that result in your electricity rate increases. An appliance using too much energy, damaged wiring, or circuit issues that may lead to an electrical fire is the worst-case scenario. The best approach to reduce your electric bill is to figure out what may have caused it in the first place, such as appliances that run longer than usual or lights that aren’t switched off around your property. If nothing appears to be wrong, check with your power company to see if you were overcharged. If everything is fine with your utility provider, it may be time to seek expert assistance and advice from an electrician. 

Now that you’ve learned what to do if your house has a common electrical problem, you can start fixing some of the problems that may be plaguing your home. If you’re having an issue not covered above, we can assist! At budget-friendly costs, our skilled electrician at Five Star Columbus Electrical will help you solve any electrical difficulties! Give us a call today at (614) 398-2988, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!