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Grounding offers excess electricity the most effective and safest route from an appliance back to the ground by way of an electrical panel. Electrical grounding is a backup pathway that is generally only used if there is a fault in the wiring system. Five Star Columbus Electrical is your local wiring expert in Columbus, OH.

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Understanding Ground Wire in Central Ohio

The standard household electrical outlet consists of two 3-pronged, polarized receptacles. Each receptacle has a 120-volt ‘hot’ wire in addition to a neutral wire and a ground wire. Since electrical code requires both ground or bound wire, it ensures both functional and safe delivery of power to your home or business.

How to Know if Your Property Is Properly Grounded

The best way to ensure your home is properly grounded is to have an electrical home safety inspection. Though the National Electric Code requires household electrical systems to be connected to the earth via a ground rod, a lack of proper ground is common in older homes constructed before grounding was required. Mistakes can also happen, and corners can be cut during the construction process, both of which can affect safe grounding. One of the most common mistakes is failure to bond a home’s copper water lines to ground, which can lead to the electrocution of those using faucets in the home when electrical shorts jump the path to water pipes.

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Electrical Diagnostics in Columbus, OH

Electrical Repair & Diagnostics in Columbus, OH

A multitude of issues can arise when inexperienced individuals handle your electrical system. Ensuring the safety and functionality of your home is of utmost importance, which is why it is crucial to seek the expertise of a professional electrician. Whether you encounter peculiar electrical behavior, are in the process of purchasing a new property, or are preparing to sell, we highly recommend enlisting the services of Five Star Columbus Electrical. Our team of skilled electricians specializes in home electrical diagnostic and troubleshooting, providing a comprehensive analysis of your system's needs. Trust Five Star Columbus Electrical to keep your electrical system running smoothly and safely, so you can have peace of mind.

4 Reasons Why Ground Wiring is Important

Earth Conducts with Least Resistance

One of the main reasons you should ground your electrical appliances is that the earth is a great conductor, and it can conduct all the excess electricity with the least resistance. So when you ground the electrical system and connect it to the earth, you are giving the excess electricity to go somewhere without resistance rather than going through you or your appliances.

Stabilizes the Voltage Levels

When you ground the electrical system, it makes it easier to distribute the right amount of power to the right places. This ensures that the circuits are not overloaded at any point and get blown as a result of it. In addition, the earth can be considered a common reference point for the voltage sources in any electrical system. This helps in providing stabilized voltage levels throughout the electric system.

Protects Against Electrical Overloads

You may experience power surges at times or be exposed to lightning during extreme weather conditions. These events may produce dangerously high electricity, which can ultimately damage your electrical appliances. By grounding the electrical system, all the excess electricity will go into the earth instead of frying the appliances connected to the system. The appliances will be safe and protected from large electrical surges.

Prevents Serious Damage and Fatal Injuries

When you do not ground the electrical system, you will put your appliances and life at high risk. When high electricity passes through any device, it will be fried and damaged beyond repair. An excessive amount of electricity may even start a fire, putting your property and the life of your loved ones at risk.

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Electrical Wire Grounding FAQ


This is one of the most popular questions about ground wire. Ground wire is commonly used for refrigerators, dishwashers, satellite dishes, and AC units.


If you care about safety or the law, yes! The NEC (National Electrical Code) requires all household electrical systems to be grounded. If that isn’t enough, think about the safety ground wire presents. Instead of an appliance discharging stored electricity to the ground, it would go directly to the next thing to complete the circuit – you!


Nothing – the two terms can be used interchangeably.

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Are you Columbus, OH area homeowner searching for electrical grounding services? The expert electricians at Five Star Columbus Electrical can give you a low-cost electrical safety inspection as part of any service call. We encourage you not to wait until an electrical problem develops or you end up paying too much. Give Five Star a call today to ensure the safety of your home, your family, your possessions, and your property with an electrical home inspection.

Outdated or aged electrical wiring isn’t just an electrical safety hazard. Old electric wiring also stops you from being able to enjoy the full optimization of your devices and appliances. Prevent electrical fires and energy inefficiencies by upgrading your residential or commercial wiring with an expert electrician from Five Star. When you update a home or building’s wiring system, you don’t have to fuss with power shortages that require you to unplug one device or appliance in order to plug in and use another. Call us at (614) 398-2988.