Central Ohio Bathroom & Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair Services

Exhaust fans help clear icky odors in buildings and homes in addition to controlling temperatures and moisture levels that could cause damage, mildew, and mold. You can trust Five Star for the most skilled exhaust fan installation and proper sizing that are key to safe, efficient exhaust fan operation. 

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Exhaust Fans Repair, Maintenance & Installation in Columbus, OH & Surrounding Areas

Bathroom exhaust fans help move moist air out of the room. This function is essential because it prevents mold and mildew from growing on your bathroom walls. However, allowing condensation to form repeatedly on the walls can cause streaking; over time, it can also cause the paint to bubble and separate from the walls and window casings. The worst-case scenario is that moisture can get inside the walls, create a mold-growing haven and ruin the drywall.

Kitchen exhaust fans are typically located inside hood vents positioned above stoves. Kitchen fans help move moist air, food odors and smoke out of the kitchen. However, kitchen fans present additional cleaning and maintenance challenges due to the introduction of grease and other food-related substances in the air moving through the vent. Clean your kitchen vent screen regularly to keep the fan working efficiently and prevent grease fires.

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A multitude of issues can arise when inexperienced individuals handle your electrical system. Ensuring the safety and functionality of your home is of utmost importance, which is why it is crucial to seek the expertise of a professional electrician. Whether you encounter peculiar electrical behavior, are in the process of purchasing a new property, or are preparing to sell, we highly recommend enlisting the services of Five Star Columbus Electrical. Our team of skilled electricians specializes in home electrical diagnostic and troubleshooting, providing a comprehensive analysis of your system's needs. Trust Five Star Columbus Electrical to keep your electrical system running smoothly and safely, so you can have peace of mind.

4 Signs You Need Exhaust Fan Repair Services

Noticeably Loud

It’s normal for your bathroom exhaust fan to make some noise while on. However, if you recently noticed the noise is louder than before, this is a sign the exhaust fan motor is starting to die. When the fan motor fails, the bathroom exhaust fan needs to be replaced.

Burning Smell

If you’ve noticed even the faintest scent of burning plastic while the fan is operational, you need to call a bathroom exhaust fan installer from Five Star stat. A fan that smells like it’s burning may have an electrical problem, which can pose a serious fire hazard if you don’t address the issue.

Excess Moisture

Bathrooms are at a higher risk for mold growth than any other place in your home. The running water from your shower, toilet, and sink increases humidity levels, which creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive. If the air in your bathroom feels thick and stuffy — it’s likely your bathroom exhaust fan needs to be replaced.

Bathroom Feels “Stuffy”

When you take a shower or bath with your exhaust fan running, what does the air in your bathroom feel like when you’re finished? Thick or stuffy? If the air feels humid when you finish bathing, the fan isn’t moving moisture out through the exhaust vent as efficiently.

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Bathroom & Kitchen Exhaust Fan FAQ


Exhaust fans provide ventilation, helping to clear the room of steam and odors. Properly ventilating a bathroom helps deter the growth of mold and mildew by circulating excess humidity from the room.


When hot air is being exhausted from the bathroom into cold ducting, some condensation might form that will travel back through the ducting into your unit. This can usually be avoided by wrapping the ductwork with insulation, limiting the amount of condensation.


Exhaust fans with a UL listing for installation over a tub or shower on a GFCI circuit can be installed over a tub or in a shower. This applies to most exhaust fans and exhaust fans with light. Units that include any heating function to them are not able to be installed over a tub or shower. Check your specific product for more information.

Choose Five Star Columbus Electrical in Central Ohio for Exhaust Fan Repair & Installation

Commercial exhaust fan repair services are one of the many services we at Five Star Columbus Electrical can provide to your restaurant, cafeteria, home or facility. Expert exhaust fan installation and proper sizing is essential to safe, efficient exhaust fan usage and operation. We also offer exhaust fan repair services and various types of ventilation services and maintenance.

Have you been hearing strange noises when you turn your vent hood on for the exhaust? Usually, when a vent hood and or an exhaust fan repair is necessary, you hear a noise or there will be little or no suction where it’s needed. If the fumes or smoke is not leaving the protected cooking area, it’s a problem and you need exhaust fan repairs. Faulty fans, ventilation and exhaust is not only a nuisance for your staff and patrons, it is also a health code violation that could result in hefty fines or penalties in addition to the loss of business if not remedied promptly. Turn to Five Star Columbus Electrical for expert exhaust fan repair services you can afford. Call us now at (614) 398-2988.